Girl In Orbit

Started coloring in my Charlie drawing at work today. If I keep working on it during my breaks, I can probably get it done pretty quick!! And if I’m happy with how it comes out, I may consider having a couple prints made 😊

So, I had such a nice week off from work and a great visit with Jason’s little sister. Saturday came along and I started feeling super sick. On Sunday Jason’s little sister went home and I went to the hospital! Fun, right? Turns out I had bad pneumonia, but because of where it was located on the X-Ray/CATscan they were somehow convinced I could’ve had TB!!!

Long story short, I was stuck in isolation with a sign on my door basically saying DONT COME IN HERE WITHOUT A MASK, then 3 days later they cleared me of TB and let me out.

So, I’m okay now!! Just relaxing at home taking some meds to finish off the rest of the pneumonia. Decided to do a little doodle of Charlie from Always Sunny in Philly. I’ll post more on that once I’m almost done with it!!

My husbands little sister goes back to Massachusetts tomorrow. Her last couple days were filled with fireworks, Star Wars Operation, movies, and Jason and I drawing superheroes in the sketchbook we bought her. She loves Hawkgirl so I did this little doodle for her!

I know my book needs to get done, but I had to take a LITTLE break for my husbands little sister visiting us for the week! Lots of fun thus far!!! I’ll get back to drawing this evening though. I’m sure she’ll want to join me in the studio and we can draw together!!!

Had an amazing time this past weekend in NYC with some of my awesome lady friends at LIPS Drag Queen restaurant!!! Haven’t really gone out like that in a long time. But, now that the weekend is over, it’s back to work on my book!!! It’s coming along nicely!

Now that the convention is over, I’ve been back at work on my Girl in Orbit book!!!  Crossing my fingers that I have it done in time!!!

Well, I had a great time this past weekend at the Eternal Con!!!!  Met some cool people, made some new friends, drew some people as Zombies, and I got to meet Skeletor!!!!  Overall it was a great convention.

My little sister-in-law, Kiona, also had an awesome time.  She sat on the floor right next to our table and was drawing up a storm!!!  The cutest part was that she had made a sign (which I wish I had a photo of) that read “These pictures are free!!”  Not only did people take all of them, she made $15 in tips!!  She was so excited.

So, now that the weekend is over, it’s back to work on my Girl in Orbit book.  I’m going to be cutting it close to getting it done in time for the Baltimore Con in September, but I’m going to try my hardest to do it!!  Fingers crossed!!!

Now that all my freelance jobs are done, I got right back to working on my Girl in Orbit book. I did, however, take a QUICK moment to try on the awesome cosplay wig we got for my husbands little sisters Princess Bubblegum costume to wear at this weekends convention!!! If she doesn’t like it, I’ll total rock it while I draw Zombie portraits!!!!

Girl in Orbit……page #1 completed!!!!  WOOHOO!!!  Only 19 more to go!!!

Girl in Orbit……page #1 completed!!!!  WOOHOO!!!  Only 19 more to go!!!

Eternal Con!!!!

Okay everyone!!!! The Eternal Con is NEXT weekend, June 14th & 15th!!! Jason and I have a table and will be selling comics, illustrations and on the spot Zombie Portraits!!! If you’re in the Long Island, NY area, feel free to stop on down, say hello and see all the other awesome stuff the Con has to offer you!!!! All the information you need is on the site!